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logo of the LibraryThe Library contains MDP’s publications and reports. Visit the Library often to discover the latest.

MDP Annual Reports
Planning Guides
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MDP Annual Reports

Annual Report 2013 Cover

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Planning Guides

Cover of Citizens Guide to Restoring the Bay

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Models and Guidelines

The following in MDP's Models & Guidelines Series are available electronically:

Cover of Models & Guidelines #29 - User Guide for Maryland Sustainable Community Revitalization
  1. Procedures for Review of Local Construction Projects, January 1996
  2. Procedures for State Project Review Under the Planning Act of 1992, January 1993
  3. Preparing a Sensitive Areas Element, May 1993
  4. Regulatory Streamlining, February 1994
  5. Achieving Consistency Under the Planning Act, April 1994
  6. Interjurisdictional Coordination, June 1994
  7. Design Characteristics of Maryland's Traditional Settlements, August 1994
  8. Clustering for Resource Protection, October 1994
  9. Transferable Development Rights, January 1995
  10. Overlay Zones, March 1995
  11. Achieving Environmentally Sensitive Design, April 1995
  12. Urban Growth Boundaries, August 1995
  13. Preparing a Comprehensive Plan, January 1996
  14. Adequate Public Facilities, June, 1996
  15. Mineral Resource Planning, March 1997
  16. Smart Growth: Municipal Implementation, October 1997
  17. Smart Growth: Designating Priority Funding Areas, November 1997
  18. Sensitive Areas: Volume II, February 1998
  19. Sizing and Shaping Growth Areas, December 1998
  20. Revisiting the Comprehensive Plan: The Six Year Review, June 2000
  21. Smart Neighborhoods, September 2001
  22. Big Box Development, December 2001
  23. Infill and Redevelopment, October 2001
  24. Adequate Public Facilities Ordinances
  25. Writing the Municipal Growth Element to the Comprehensive Plan
  26. The Water Resources Element:Planning for Water Supply and Wastewater and Stormwater Management
    1. Water Resources Element Supplement
  27. Smart Growth, Community Planning and Public School Construction
  28. Planning for the Food System
  29. TIF: User Guide for Maryland Sustainable Community Revitalization
  30. Planning Tools for Transit-Oriented Development
  31. Placing Jobs: Economic Development & PlanMaryland

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