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Smart, Green and Growing… Urban Sprawl… Sustainability… Climate Change… Traffic Congestion… Protecting our Waterways and Environment… Clean Drinking Water… Livable Communities… BRAC… Smart Growth… Planning

These words compete for attention in Maryland.   They are more than words those living and working in the state.  They are issues that speak to the quality of life that we, as Marylanders, hope for and desire to hand over to future generations. 

And you have a significant part to play in this future.

Land use planning is vital to protecting and preserving a Maryland that its residents value. From designing vibrant, healthy neighborhoods to safeguarding our precious rural, natural and historical resources, planning is about people and for people.  It is about making choices now to preserve this land of pleasant living for our future and the future of our children.

Planning is not a process that Maryland residents are excluded from.  It is a series of individual decisions that we all make together to influence where growth and development will happen - from taking part in our local government’s comprehensive planning process and writing to your newspaper’s editor to deciding where you will live and work.

What, where, and how we grow affects our health, taxes, traffic, the environment and our economic status.

MDP invites you to get involved.  The “Your Part” section of our website offers you some opportunities to make a difference and to have your voice heard.

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