Census 2000 Supplemental Survey

The Census 2000 Supplementary Survey was designed to demonstrate the feasibility of collecting long form-type information at the same time but separately from the decennial census. It used the American Community Survey questionnaire to collect demographic, social, economic, and housing data from a sample of 700,000 households nationwide.


Census 2000 Supplementary Survey Estimates for Maryalnd and The United States List of Table:
Table 1. Place of birth, citizenship, and year of entry XLS or PDF
Table 2. Language spoken at home by ability to speak english for the population 5 Years and over XLS or PDF
Table 3. Percent of population speaking a language other than english XLS or PDF
Table 4. Sex by age by educational attainment for the population 18 years and over XLS or PDF
Table 5. Percent of population with a bachelor's degree or more XLS or PDF
Table 6. Household, family, and non-family income in the past 12 months XLS or PDF
Table 7. Medican household income XLS or PDF
Table 8. Percent of people below poverty level XLS or PDF
Table 9. Specified owner-occupied housing units XLS or PDF
Table 10. Mortgage status by selected monthly owner costs as a percentage of household income in the past 12 months XLS or PDF
Table 11. Means of transportation to work for workers 16 years and over XLS or PDF

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