Census 2000 Sample Data

Raw Data in Excel Format for Maryland State, counties, Places and Congressional Districts:

Table DP-1 Profile of General Demographic Characteristics XLS or Zip
Table DP-2 Profile of Selected Social Characteristics XLS or Zip
Table DP-3 Profile of Selected Economic Characteristics XLS or Zip
Table DP-4 Profile of Selected Housing Characteristicss XLS or Zip
Table DP-1 To 4 XLS or Zip

Note: These profiles reflect Maryland's congressional election districts that governed elections from 1992 to 2000. They were enacted by the General Assembly in 1991 (Chapter 4, Acts of 2nd Special Session of 1991; Code 1957, Art. 33, secs. 22-3 through 22-10). The Congressional Districts in effect at the time of Census 2000 were those of the 106th Congress, whose session began in January 1999 and whose boundaries reflected the new districts created after the 1990 Census (starting with the 103rd Congress). The 108th Congress (January 2003) will be the first to reflect reapportionment and redistricting based on Census 2000 data

List of Places by County: XLS or PDF format.

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