Priority Funding Areas
Revised Date: October 2007

Decennial Census demographic and socioeconomic profile reports from 1990 and 2000 for Priority Funding Areas (PFAs) boundaries as they existed in 2001* and include PFA Comment Areas. PFA Comment Areas are certified by the county as part of their Priority Funding Areas but do not meet the criteria in the 1997 Law for PFAs. To determine the most accurate and current PFAs for jurisdictions click on Priority Funding Areas Mapping to Create PFA Maps Online.

* PFA boundaries have since changed in several jurisdictions.

  • Note on PFA Boundaries

  • Tracking Residential Growth Inside and Outside of PFAs 1940 to 2007

  • Comparisons Between Census 1990 and 2000, Inside/Outside PFA for Selected Census Characteristics :

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  • Additional Census Characteristics for State of Maryland, Counties and Baltimore City :
  • 2001 Priority Funding Area Map Used for Developing Census Profiles
    * Derived by Intersecting and then Aggregating Census 2000 Tabulation Blocks

  • Priority Funding Areas Mapping