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Commutation Data :

Construction - Building Permit

Business Patterns - County

Census 2010 (Decennial Census) :

  • Census Population Summary Files, 1970 to 2010 :
    Average Household Size Stabilizes in Maryland
    Total Population XLS | PDF
    Household Population XLS | PDF
    Group Quarters Population XLS | PDF
    Household Size XLS | PDF

  • 2010 Census Population Counts (for States only) :
    Resident Population of The 50 States and The District of Columbia : XLS || PDF
    Charts : Population Change || Population Percent Change

  • 2010 Census Data Products Schedule
  • 2010 Census Participation Rates

  • Census 2000 (Decennial Census) :


    Census Maps:
    Census Tract:

    Census View 2000
    Community Statistical Areas - Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance
    Commutation Data (Journey to Work)- 2009 to 2013 American Community Survey
    Commutation Data (Journey to Work)- 2006 to 2010 American Community Survey
    Commutation - CTPP Worker Flow
    Commutation - Journey to Work
    Consolidated Federal Funds (CFFR) 1983-2010
    Wage & Salary Jobs by Place of Work Through 2014 (U.S. BLS CES Jobs Data)
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